View Full Version : Tecra 8100 - cpu/memory upgrade

07.03.2006, 21:57
thanks for the help with previous answers apologies foe not replying pc crashed.

have cannabilised ibm t22 and fitted 512 pc 100 ram to tecra the memory chips overheat any ideas why , i kinda thought that pc100 is pc100 like wise the processor is a 900 i fitted this in place of the tecra 600 and it only sees it as a 700 despite being a 100 fsb quite pleased with the cpu gain but confused over the memory temp issue it runs a 40 gig hard drive and xp with a dvdwriter fine apart from temp issue, any ideas thanks

08.03.2006, 14:11

Do you know why notebook manufacturers recommend users to use just original or tested hardware upgrade parts?

10.03.2006, 11:18

I presume that memory modules have not the same bus speed and that is reason for overheating. Please be careful about that and use just compatible parts.