View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 - No sound?

adam w
07.03.2006, 20:20
I have a Satellite Pro A10. For some reason, the computer no longer plays any sound whatsoever. This includes CDs, DVDs, the Windows start up intro, no sounds from video on-line.
Any ideas for basic checks for me please?
Huge thanks.

08.03.2006, 00:35
Hi there, i have the same problem myself!i have tried everything but to no avail, a few computer buffs tell me that it is a chip that has blown on the main board, i am told it would be cheaper to buy a new laptop than to get it fixed!

had mine for less than a year - the power pack died after a few months - the mouse pad has been temperamental for a few months and now this! good luck with it, if you hear of any cheap magicians that can fix it then let me know!

Lanca Andre
11.03.2006, 13:50
I advice you to upgrade your drivers of sound, if doesn't make sound yet, go to your asp Toshiba :)