View Full Version : Hard disk not detected on Satellite Pro 4270

07.03.2006, 20:07
I took out the 2"5 hard disk from my SP4270 to transfer data to my PC through a 3"5-2"5 EIDE adapter, the HD was detected by my PC bios and the transfer was successful.
Then I reinserted my hard disk into the 2"5 notebook bay, but I get a "Insert system disk in drive." message.
I checked the boot priority in the setup and it shows a HDD->CD->FDD sequence.
In the bios DRIVES section I see HDD = Primary IDE(1F0H/IRQ14).

I extracted and reinserted again the hard disk, but with no result.
What could be the problem?

08.03.2006, 13:59

It is not easy to say what happen there. Please when you remove the HDD remove the power connection and battery at first.

Check all contact pins at the HDD. I hope that all of them are ok.
Try to enter HDD using start disk or some application in MS-DOS mode. If there is no success there is some hardware problem.

09.03.2006, 00:26
I removed the power connection and I didn't remove the battery, but it was completely uncharged. Could have been the presence of the battery the reason why the hard disk lost partition data.
Anyway I solved using testdisk (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk): it found an error in the partition sector and boot sector, and it was able to find partition data and a boot sector backup and to restore both. Now I have my disk back with all its content.

Thanks a lot