View Full Version : Win XP OS installation on Portege 3490CT

07.03.2006, 18:52
I am attempting to install XP Pro on my 3490CT. In reviewing this forum, it appears that a significant number of 3490CT owners have successfully installed this OS on the unit.

Can anyone provide me with the installation protocol for this install? What do I need, what order must drivers be installed, etc? I have all known drivers for this unit from W98, W2k and, interestingly enough XP (Toshiba's official US website).

My unit has 384k ram, and the media port replicator.

I previously posted a query on this forum which details the problem I have had using XP on this unit (1//6/06--aswnys).

The OS works fine but I have no communications function at all; [i.e. internal network/modem, network on port replicator, usb network device (wireless), pcmcia network card (cable/wireless) all cannot be enabled in the OS].

Has anyone successfully installed XP on this unit and has full communications function (modem/network]?

The unit had W2k installed. The XP install was an upgrade which includes SP2.

I'd appreciate any guidance on this.


09.03.2006, 15:52
Hi Andrew

It is always a big challenge to install newest OS on older units. Try to install the OS and if you need drivers for some hardware components write again. Maybe we can identify the hardware parts and search drivers at producer download page.

Please let us know how it works. I have Portege 7200 but I didnít try to install WXP yet.


26.04.2006, 23:23
The 3490 can be updated from Win 2000 to XP Pro SP2. I have done this myself on four 3490 and two 3440.

I would suggest that you check the status of Device Manager - make sure all devices have drivers installed and functional. For the problems you list, ensure you have the latest drivers downloaded from Toshiba web site.

All my communications work (USB, Ethernet, PCMCIA), although I haven't tested the internal modem as yet.

A bit surprised you have 384M RAM, as the maximum possible is 128+128M.

17.05.2006, 14:49
Thanks for the reply. I will install a new hard drive and start over from scratch. I will also look into the memory issue you raised. I bought the unit with this memory and it worked just fine under Win2k. I'm sure the config is 128 (fixed) and 256 (optional). I appreciate your input.

17.05.2006, 14:58
I have not had the opportunity to get back to this "project" over the last two months. But I will try again over the coming weekend and report on my effort. I will also post the successful XP install protocol for the unit (if it ends up being other than trivial--see tabbycat's post on this thread), and if the install again fails, I will provide the details. Thanks for the reply. I'll update this in the next few days.