View Full Version : How to start the recovery on Equium A60?

05.03.2006, 19:21
Hi, I need to do a factory reset on my Equium A60, i have put the cd in but cannot get it to start the recovery, can some help me please? thank you in advance

05.03.2006, 23:48

you have to boot from the recovery CD. To do this you have to press C or Esc or something else, I'm not sure with this model. Then you should get the recovery menu where you can decide what to do.


06.03.2006, 13:28
Hi Ape

Put recovery media into CD/DVD drive and shut down the unit. Press power button and keep down C button. That means that unit will choose CD/DVD drive as first boot up device.

Other way you can change boot priority in BIOS settings and set CD/DVD device as first one.