View Full Version : Tecra 8100 BIOS update

05.03.2006, 07:56
I have installed Windows XP on a different partition on my Tecra 8100. I downloaded the Windows based BIOS update for XP but it does,'t work the way the tutorial says.
After extracting the files when I try to execute then it gives following message -

TOSHIBA Common Module is not installed.
Or you do not have administrator privilege.

BIOS Package BIOS Version : Ver.2.50

What should I do? Pressing OK exits the application and another option is to save the BIOS files but where? Sounds little risky though.
Pls help

05.03.2006, 23:09
Download and install the Common Modules from the Toshiba site before running the BIOS update.

13.03.2006, 14:49

I donít found the Common Modules on the European site but you can find it on the US Toshiba website:
Check this one:

Hope it will help you to solve the issue