View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 with starting problems and weird sounds

04.03.2006, 20:16
hi all,
three days ago I was using my notebook as usual. Then I restarted it and.. then.... just a black screen with some error message about not finding some file (I don't remember exactly) and making some weird sounds (like "clicks")... the sounds came from the HDD I reckon since it was on the right hand....
I turned it off again and then other error message (black screen, white letters) asking for some system files... and the weird sounds continued.
tried twice... same thing... then after 20 minutes after being turned off I turned it on ... no error messages... but a long wait to pass through the windows initialization.....
right now no more problems rebooting.. no more weird sounds, but with some performance problems... it has 1.2 GB of RAM and seems like it "lost" speed... I cannot use my iTUNES to play music cos doesn't work properly... I'm now using winamp......

comments please.. I'd appreaciate it...

06.03.2006, 13:45
Hi Luis

On this way it is not easy to say what happen. On this forum you can find many postings about missing files at the bootup.

You can try at first to roll back the operating system to earlier time (before this problems started) using “System Restore” tool.

13.03.2006, 16:24

It’s hard to say what’s happens.
Like Ivan said, there are many users with many strange issues. Sometimes you can exactly say what’s wrong and sometimes is not possible to give a proper answer.
The system restore tool is a possibility to roll back the OS to the early point. Maybe it helps.
You can also try to reinstall the iTuns software.