View Full Version : Tecra 510CDT - PCMCIA or Cardbus?

Richard (MQ)
02.03.2006, 10:27
Can anyone advise me if the Tecra 510CDT has Cardbus (i.e. 32 bit) or PCMCIA proper (i.e. 16 bit) slots? I want to get a USB adaptor but they all state Cardbus / 32 bit only. If it helps, this machine is Pentium 1 / 133 MHz I think, originally only 16 MB RAM (but upgraded to 144 MB). Plenty to run one of the new compact Linux distributions!

A few years back there was a link to the specs somewhere on Toshiba Europe but now I can't find it any more :(

Thanks in advance
Richard (MQ)

02.03.2006, 11:15

As far as I know this unit includes a PC-card slot and you can use 2x PCMCIA card type II or 1x PCMCIA card type III.
Unfortunately I donít found any other information about the bit availability

08.03.2006, 00:40
If it is similar to the 520CDT then I'm fairly sure it supports Cardbus. If you want to be absolutely certain, suggest you check the specs on the Toshiba web site or google it.