View Full Version : Tecra 8100: wrong cpu speed?!

01.03.2006, 14:31
I have just bought a used Tecra 8100 and was told the cpu speed was 800MHz. This checks out with the Technical Spec. which I downloaded form the Toshiba Support site.

However, there is a program called Belarc advisor installed which says the cpu is a P3 252MHz. Windows XP System Properties also says P111 252Mhz.

Can anybody advise n the correct speed?
Mike Davies

01.03.2006, 14:34
Right click My computer, go to properties. At the bottom of the first page it should list the CPU speed and ram installed. Whatever is wrote there is what is installed in the computer at that time.

01.03.2006, 16:26
Doing the above shows 235MHz.
So I'm not clear why the Toshiba Product Specification (downloaded from the Toshiba site) specifies speeds between 600MHz and 850MHz?

01.03.2006, 16:46

Glad that was cleared up. Thing is you bought the computer 2nd hand right? So it was used. If the person you bought it from was someone you do not know personally, and trust, he very well could be someone who would take out the original processor and replace it with a slower, older one. And then sell the original one for even more money. I know its not something we would like to think of people as doing, but it is a possibility.

The original it was shipped with was the one between 600MHz and 850MHz, but since it has a 235MHz in it now, chances are he swapped it out. I hope this helps you out.

05.03.2006, 12:28
I have now checked the processor by opening the computer. It is indeed a Pentium III but not the 800MHz I was told. The cpu details are 7005A252 SL3DW KP 500/256 so sjould be 500MHz.
I ran a utility to check the speed - Intel(R) Processor Frequency ID Utility - which reported :

Reported frequency : 253MHz
Expected frequency : 500MHz

Reported system bus frequency : 50MHz
Intel expected system bus frequency : 100MHz

Processor type : 0
Family : 6
Model : 8
Stepping : 1
Revision : E
Packaging : uPGA/BGA2
Level 2 cache : 256kB
Level 1 data cache : 16kB
Level 1 instruction cache : 16kB
MMX Technology : Yes
Streaming SIMB extensions : Yes

So it appears the system bus frequency is too slow. Would this affect the cpu speed? Can this be changed? Is there anything I can do to get the speed up to the full 500MHz?
Any advice appreciated.
Mike Davies

05.03.2006, 23:06
Just for the record I have solved the problem.

Entered BIOS using 'Esc' + F1 during POST. Changed processor speed from 'Low' to 'High' (used for battery saving). Now have full 500MHz.