View Full Version : Equium A60-155 died - How to change the motherboard?

27.02.2006, 22:21

A week ago I was using my Equium A60-155 Laptop, I turned it off for the night. The following morning It would not power up from either the battery or AC, the lights on the front of the LT wouldn't come on either.

I tested the AC and it's fine pushing out the 14.8v.

On another forum they suggested removing the HD to see if that would help (It didn't).

So it could be that the MOBOs dead (in which case I'll have to buy a new one when I get a job, or theers an internal fuse that blown (If there is one).

If there is an internal fuse could I replace it myself and what is it? (I'm out out work and cannot afford the repair cost, some charge 70 Quid to pick it up, and another one charges 110 quid + parts)

I assume its just a matter of undoing the screws on the bottom?

28.02.2006, 10:02

Sorry but there is no internal fuse. You can remove the ram and reinstall it to see if that fixes the problem. If not, it is a real task to change the MOBO. You would basically have to take the entire notebook apart to do so. Your best bet is to take it in to an Authorized Service Provider. Is the portable under warranty? If not then if you wanted to try you could change it yourself. But if you damage the new motherboard during installation you can not return it as defective. So even though it costs more at a repair shop, the service is gauranteed to work. Hope this helps.

02.03.2006, 14:33

I also suggest to contact the ASP in your country because he can make some diagnostic test and can give you a detailed answer.
Maybe you donít need to change the board and maybe only the low cost part has a fault.
But to know this the notebook must be checked.