View Full Version : Equium L20: What software do I need to put on for speakers?

26.02.2006, 21:13
I have recently had to reinstall windows on my Equium L20, and everytime I turn it on there is a lot of software I need e.g. for speakers and stuff that is not already on here. This seems stupid, but I inherited this computer from someone else and I don't have all of the CDs, so I would really appreciate someone telling me what software is needed, what CD it is on (so I can ask the person who still has them if they have it), or if there is an additional way of getting this software?

The only disks I have are the recovery disk, and the additional software one which has WinDVD on it.


26.02.2006, 21:38

if you use the recovery disk to reinstall the system, all needed software will be installed.

You can also find drivers and software on Toshiba's download page:
go on "Support & Downloads", "Support homepage" and "Download drivers"


02.03.2006, 13:50

If you have installed the OS from the original Microsoft CD so itís necessary to install all Toshiba drivers. Like lorelei has suggested please visit the Toshiba driver page to download the compatible drivers.
Please note that you have to install the Toshiba stuff in the right order. Thatís mean:
1.) Chipset utility
2.) Common modules
3.) Graphic driver
4.) Sound driver
5.) etcÖ