View Full Version : Tecra 550CDT, Battery won't charge

05.11.2004, 00:08
I have a small problem. My Tecra won't charge. It works on normal power and the mains and battery light comes up but when trying to charge it the mains and battery light comes up for about a min or so then the mains light starts to flash. 1long, 4short, 1long, 2short. It will keep flashing even after I pull the power lead out. I know it's not the battery as I have replaced it and it still does it. Anyone have an idear?

08.11.2004, 20:56

it sound's not very well because when the notebook LEDs are blinking a code the error is related to the hardware.

The Toshiba notebook of a friend of mine had also a problem and the LEDs were blinking, so we called the hotline and they told us to bring the Notebook to a toshiba service partner.

So your Tecra is an old model so it is your turn to decide repairing the notebook?

In my opinion you should call a Service Partner and ask for a calculation about the price to pay. A list of Service Partners could be found on following site

- Support & Downloads - Find an authorisized Service Partner

Bye Hans