View Full Version : Satellite M60 - can not install WLAN card

24.02.2006, 00:56
Hi there

I have a Satellite M60-164.i installed Windows XP Pro. I downloaded drivers. All of them work except the wireless drivers. When installing it warned that it may not be compatible with XP, but I continued installation. In driver management it says it canít find the files.
In one word, I need another driver. Or it went wrong during installation? I tried a couple of times, and always the same story.
Any suggestions?

Extra: I want to install windows vista. Are these drivers going to work on vista???

Thanks in advance

24.02.2006, 13:27
As far as I know your unit has Intel 2200 GB WiFi card. Please try to install latest driver from Intel download page

Vista operating system is not launched by Toshiba and there are no drivers for it. I donít believe that they will work with vista. The drivers must be created and tested at first. You can try but there is no guarantee for functionality.


24.02.2006, 16:12

As far as I know the Windows Vista OS is not official on the market. In this case there are no drivers for this OS. Like Ivan said you should try to install the compatible drivers from the Intel website