View Full Version : Sat Pro L20-102 BIOS 1.3 update "error 151"

22.02.2006, 18:29
Hello to all
i wanna ask about update bios 1.30 to 1.80. When I update ERROR 151?

L20 PSL25E-00100UPL

22.02.2006, 19:33

I have found a information on the BIOS download page that the BIOS 1.8 Update is only for models of the L20 Series which are containing "PSL2X", "PSL2Y" or "PSL2Z" in the model-number.

Your unit has a PSL25E number. In this case the 1.8 BIOS is NOT compatible with your unit!
The update procedure with this BIOS version can damage the motherboard.

The latest compatible BIOS version for your unit is V1.3.

Please note: Itís not important to update the BIOS if you donít have any serious issues on you notebook. The BIOS upgrade procedure is very risky because like you know now the wrong BIOS or procedure can damage the motherboard!!!

22.02.2006, 19:36
It's me again

Check this page for BIOS downloading and read about BIOS in ďMore infoĒ

Check also this document about right BIOS upgrades procedure