View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100, WXP installing SP2, after stand-by mode the USB is unknown

03.11.2004, 23:37

after installing the update SP2 for Win XP on my notebook Toshiba Sat. Pro 6100, the following happens:

when the notebook awakes from the stand-by mode, the USB connector is unknown and the communication is lost.

Who knows the answer for this problem?

04.11.2004, 15:18
Hello Erjee,
you just need to install the bios version 1.90 or later.

For other machines with the same problem after installing SP2...
TE2100 v1.60 or later
SATELLITE PRO 6000 v1.60 or later
PORTEGE 4000 v2.10 or later
TECRA 9000 v1.40 or later

08.11.2004, 23:10
Hi Stiv,

thanks for the answer. It really works!

greetings Erjee