View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100 won't start

19.02.2006, 21:29

i've a 6100 pro, and since 2 days,i can't start my notebook:

when i push the button, the sector led is green, the start led is green, and the HDD led is green...but nothing start!!
i remove the battery and i start just with the sector, but it's the same. i try to change RAM but it's always the same...

someone could help me??

PS:i'm french so i hope you excuse my bad english ;)

20.02.2006, 19:17

First of all your English is very well. ;)
But now something about your issue. Itís not easy to say what is wrong.
There could be a hardware malfunction, maybe a HDD. But you should firstly try to recover the unit with the delivered Toshiba recovery CD. Try to boot from the drive.

24.02.2006, 11:29
Plug an external display into the Laptop and see if it is starting just not working on the original display. Otherwise I would recommend disconnecting devices 1 by 1 and trying to start up to see if maybe one is defective. Harddrive, cd player, wlan card, anything installed that you can remove without much problem.

Each time you remove one note if anything changes. If not, and it did not work on an external display, you will need to take it to an Authorized Service provider for maintenance. Chances are your ram is bad, or your motherboard is ram.

24.02.2006, 11:59
Accord to your posting I presume that display donít show anything when the unit starts. If you are not able to see anything and even enter BIOS settings I think that there is some hardware problem.

If all control leds are activated you can also try to connect the unit on to external monitor and check what happen in this case.

01.03.2006, 00:46
thank you for your replies!

like ivan25 writes, the display don't show anything when the unit starts, even with an external display...
i try to change the HDD but it's always the same...

i don't know what to do....

01.03.2006, 09:52

I see, you have tried many options, well in my opinion the best way is to contact the Toshiba service in your country. He can make some diagnostic tests.

01.03.2006, 09:56
I still do not know if you tried to change the RAM out with a good known ram, but if you did, at this point your motherboard is defective and needs to be replaced. An ASP will be glad to help you out in that department.