View Full Version : Satellite 2450-201: What do I need to use wireless LAN?

18.02.2006, 01:19
Please help. i appreciate that i own a old computer but i am really confused re wireless. Please could someone tell me what i need to buy to enable me to make my computer wireless.

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18.02.2006, 16:11

I think the best way for you will be a mini PCI wireless card, which will be installed inside the machine. The antenna is already installed in your notebook. You need a card with Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11b.

You can also use a WLAN USB stick or a PCMCIA card for wireless.


20.02.2006, 14:46

First of all you need a wireless router to use the wireless LAN connection.
I donít know which internet equipment you use but I have connected my wireless router to the wide-band modem.
The detailed instruction should be delivered with the router.
Well, you need also the minPCI wireless card or a wireless USB stick or a wireless PCMCIA card to connect to the wireless router.