View Full Version : Satellite Pro M70-113: modem speed is too slow

17.02.2006, 14:43

I have a satellite pro,m70-113 laptop.
The problem is that i am not able to surf web, while connected to the Toshiba software modem that is built in, because the speed is too slow.
The connection establishes at around 40kbps, but I cant even open just yahoo site because it is very slow. I mean it seems there is no data transfer ...I have to wait for 5 min to load yahoo.com!
I have tried to uninstall, reinstall the drivers but the problem is the same...

And on the same telephone line, when I connect to the net on my desktop, I get decent speed. So the problem is not of telephone line or my ISP, but something in my laptop's modem hardware, or its drivers.

Please can any one help me out..

Thanks, hoping for a reply..

20.02.2006, 10:15

Please check “Maximum port speed” and set it to maximum level. You can find it in modem properties in device manager.

23.02.2006, 16:43

Go to the device manager and select the modem. Then a right click and properties.
Select the “Modem” tab. In the section “maximum port speed” you should set the highest value.