View Full Version : Question about Tecra 510CDT Laptop CD Rom Drive

15.02.2006, 01:15

A friend has just bought this laptop second hand. Everything seems fine in spite of the age. The only problem is when I swap the floppy drive for the cd rom drive. The screen goes blank, the cursor freezes and then the laptop completely freezes.

When I intially put the Cd rom into the laptop, there appeared to be the process of recognition taking place, in that drivers where apparently being installed (we have no windows 98 disc), so I assumed as it was intiating this process that all was well. But when I placed a cd in the drive, the message: there is no cd rom drive on this computer came up! I tried this several times, and the same problems occured. I checked the device manager, and there is no cd drive. I tried going into the multimedia program and it doesn't contain anything about the cd rom. But there is help for a cd rom drive and how to use it. So I am quite stumped as to what the problem could be. Do I need to get a new/second hand cd rom drive? I thought about the drivers and downloading them but as we have no drive to get on to the web I have no access to the internet. Any help with this would be so appreciated.

I am no afficiando on computers so any basic information or advice to get me started would be grand.

Thank you

15.02.2006, 16:51

I have no proper answer because this unit is not known to me (almost 10 years old). The fact is that if you look at the Toshiba download page you will find drivers just for Windows 95 and not for 98.

There is also listed CD-ROM driver. Try to install it. By the way I have found info that CD-ROM drive on this unit is not bootable.