View Full Version : Tecra M2 - can not install Intel/PRO Wireless 2100 driver

14.02.2006, 21:39
I have a Toshiba Tecra M2. The Toshiba Drivers page for my model lists a driver update for this PC as follows:

19/12/05 Wireless Lan Driver
Intel Windows XP World Wide

I do not seem to be able to install this even though I have a Intel/PRO Wireless 2100 in the laptop - the installer simply reports that there is not compatible driver or device installed. The previous driver update:

12/02/04 Wireless Lan Driver
Intel Windows XP World Wide

reported as installed OK and device manager reports as the installed driver.

I had understood that the version 9 drivers were more stable but doesn't the version 9 driver apply to my laptop?

14.02.2006, 22:02

If you check the driver info I think that you will know why this not works. I have the same WLAN card on my Tecra M1 and our cards support standard 802.11,a/b. The driver that you want to have is for cards that support standard 802.11,a/g,g.

I have tried to install it on my Tecra but the same result.

Donít worry everything is OK. If you buy new Intel 2200 g card you can use it.


23.02.2006, 13:47

Like Joao said everything is ok. You just try to install wrong driver.