View Full Version : Windows XP on Satellite Pro 4310

14.02.2006, 16:25
Are there any issues in installing Windows XP Pro on a Satellite Pro 4310, currently running Windows 2000? The Toshiba download site has no drivers for this OS and model (except a BIOS upgrade).

14.02.2006, 16:37

You are right. There are no Toshiba drivers available on the Toshiba website. This unit is very old and I assume that Xp was not available. Unfortunately, there is no other possibility. You can try to install the Windows XP but all additionally Toshiba functions will not work.

14.02.2006, 17:16

This unit is about five years old and old units are not supported for latest operating systems. Because of that you will not be able to find any driver or tool designed by Toshiba but maybe on hardware producer download page.

If you want to install WXP I recommend you to use max RAM (320 MB). Install WXP and later you can see which hardware components are not recognized properly.