View Full Version : Installing Windows ME on Satellite Pro L20

13.02.2006, 14:43
I need to setup windows millennium on my new laptop, but when it starts (during the setup process) to search for devices it crushes and just halt.
What can I do? I tried to update BIOS but still the same after.

13.02.2006, 15:14
I really donít know what you can do but I really donít understood why you buy the newest notebook designed for latest operating system available on the market and then try to use older OS. I hope that you know that there is no support for older OS.

In my opinion the much better and cheaper option is to buy second hand notebook and install older operating system. With more Ram the older unit will run fantastic.

The second problem are the drivers and Toshiba tools that will work well with ME. Where you want to find them? On the official Toshiba download page you will not find them.

Anyway, good luck and hope that someone has already try to install the ME on the same unit.


13.02.2006, 15:39
Because I have an accounting program that only works on elder windows and its too expensive and I cant just change it

12.05.2006, 20:52
Hi dimageo,

Did you resolve this problem?. For reasons similar to your own, I am trying
to install Windows 98 on my A100 (no floppy drive) and the computer hangs at the same point as yours.

Has anyone a solution to this problem.?