View Full Version : Cannot change contrast, brightness etc. on Satellite Pro 4600. Help please.

02.11.2004, 00:49
I cannot control contrast, brightness, Saturation etc.. using the Trident control panel in my Satellite Pro 4600. Could someone help me in order to activate such controls ?
Thanks in advance

04.11.2004, 21:44
Hi Andrea,

normally you could change this settigs in the control panel, but to explain the way to change it would be nice to know which OS you have installed.

If you have the perinstalled Os it could be that you have Win2000.


Go to control panel - Display - Advanced and then you could choose between Television, Color or Video.

The Brightess could be changed in the Power Saver because the brightness depends on your power setting.
In battery mode higher brightness could decrease your battery power!!!

Bye Bob

05.11.2004, 18:50
Thanks Bob,

the problem is infact that in the control panel, the section video (where it is possible to change brightness and contrast) is totally disabled. I have not idea of how to enable the buttons.

My OS is Windows 2000.


16.11.2004, 13:03

Also it would be interesting, if you use a Service pack for Windows 2000.

If there is no Service Pack installed, update you Windows as soon as possible.There are many Patches and Fixes included.

Now at first I would install the Chip Set Utility for the machine. After that uninstall the Display Driver and re-install again.

The Drivers for European machines are available at http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com
Look for “Support & Downloads” and go to “Download Drivers”.

Here you find the drivers.