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12.02.2006, 19:24
I have a problem with my AC adapter (PA3049U-1ACA model): my Satellite Pro 4270 ceased to get power and it ran only with the battery. I've got this problem only twice in the past 6 months, but the other times the problem was solved just removing and reinserting the plug into the notebook. Instead this time it does not work.
How can I know if the problem is due to a broken AC adapter or to a faulty "DC in" slot?
I searched online for a new AC adapter but I've found only "compatible" adapters: are they good or should I get an original one?

There's another problem: yesterday the internal modem stopped working: could it be a consequence of a power malfunction started yesterday?

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13.02.2006, 21:25

Original AC adapter has this part number PA2450U. If the “compatible” one have the same specification and the same connector there should not be any problem but I personally prefer original parts. After you connect the original AC adapter you will be able to check if maybe the slot is defective.

As far as I know the modem functionality depends on many things (configuration, hardware malfunction) and at first check the entry in device manager. Please report us the modem status in device manager.


13.02.2006, 22:56
Thank you for your answer.
Do you know what's the difference between model PA3049U-1ACA which I have and PA2450U?

I've found some of them in Germany and US. Could I have any problems if I buy it in those countries? My own power cord works regularly, so could I eventually use it with an adapter coming from United States, where power cord is different?

About the modem, I cannot check the device manager until I get the AC adapter.

14.02.2006, 11:35

I have checked information about the PA2450U Ac adapter and according to this page the PA2450U is compatible with a PA3049U-1ACA.
Power Rating: 15.0 Volts 3.0 Amps


07.03.2006, 19:54
Thank you both. I've found a used AC adapter, model PA3049U-1ACA, and now my notebook gets power.
I've got another problem with hard disk but I make another post for it.