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01.11.2004, 14:59
Some days ago my notebook did function OK. Did get the drive letter D. Now it is not to be found anymore. The autoexec.bat and config.sys files are not changed. Someone out there can give me some suggestions.

Mannerhagen Tom
03.11.2004, 10:56

yes, I suggest that You start by telling us
- what model You have,
- if the CD Rom is not built in, what interface You connect it to (USB/PC Card, other)
- If Your CD normally use an external power supply
- What operating system You use (if You use autoexec.bat and config.sys then it smells of old-school OS)

Also while You're at it, take a look into device manager and see if there is any (?)-questionmarks or (!)-exclamation marks there and if so tell us what they are.



14.11.2004, 16:32
Hi Tom,
The model is Portégé 3110
Drive is connected to PC Card
No external power supply
Operation system Windows 98

As the computer is in the home of an relative I can not at the moment check the device manager.

Yours, Robert

Mannerhagen Tom
24.11.2004, 16:31
Ok Robert

then I think maybe the next time you go there, check if there are any strange looking devices in the devicemanager. What I mainly mean is device with ?-marks or !-marks.
Look also for deviceclasses that hold the controller of the CD ROM. Might look like a SCSI-icon.
If You do not have any ? or !, nor can't find the CD Rom controller card under any deviceclass, then that means the system really does not recognize the CD / controller. Try (if posssible) to attach it to another PC that have a PC Card slot. If it works there then things are leaning towards a problem with the 3110.
Try to find the recovery-CD's that came with the computer or get hold of any other bootable CD-media.
Try booting from it. Do not start the recovery process or any other process from the media Your booting from. The test is just to see wether the CD works in another software environment than the currently installed Windows.
Works? If yes, then there is some strange problem with the Windows environment.
If no, then there is probably a hardware-related problem.

Hope this helps You.

BR Tom

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01.12.2004, 13:19
Hi robert,

you could also test the drive with the companion diskette from http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com
This boot disk is also available for the 3110 for Win98!

If this works windows is responsible for the error und you should check the device manager as Tom said!

Bye sammy