View Full Version : M40-236: WAN 100Mbps, but WLAN 10 MBps

09.02.2006, 22:16
I have such a problem ... Toshiba M40-236, wireless adapter supports 54 Mbps data transfer, my Wireless router D-Link DI-624 supports up to 108 Mbps, but when i connect my NBook through WLAN, the onli supported speed is up to 10 Mbps maybe 11 Mbps and not 100 Mbps as is supported by my ISP. can someone explain where is the wrong step? both devices, WLAN adapter and router can use 812.11 b and g bands, maybe by default it uses B band with its 11 Mbps ?

10.02.2006, 17:07

This router is not a Toshiba product. In this case Toshiba doesnít support it but I have found a very useful website:

There you will find a lot of informations and instructions about your router
By the way, itís possible that your router settings are set to ĎBí standard but all this infos you will find on the suggested site.

16.02.2006, 22:43

I donít know if this can help but you can try to install newest Intel driver http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=1637&lang=eng

A friend of mine has the same unit and the WLAN connection works well. I have read many topics and it seems to be that this WLAN card doesnít work properly with some routers.

Check the wireless area. There you will find lot topics with the same issue.

19.02.2006, 00:51
Thanks a lot for answer, will chek down all the links and advises ... downloaded new drivers from Intel ... band is set to "G", network manager shows it is working on 54 Mbit ... but connection test shows that there is not more then 11 Mbit ... if i find any solve i'll let u know what is the prob ...