View Full Version : Equium M50 high-pitched squeaking sound

05.02.2006, 19:33
I keep getting a repeating squeaking sound when my laptop is on, sounds almost as if the fan needs oiling or something! (I know it isn't that) It's not affecting the performance of it but does get quite irritating. Anyone else had the same?


07.02.2006, 16:59

I have no this problem but it will be interesting to know in which moment you can hear this sound. All the time or just sometimes?

08.02.2006, 22:04
It's pretty much all the time really, although when the computer is just idle it doesn't make any noise at all. So basically, whenever I do anything, it's as if the processor or motherboard or fan or something inside it is making a squeak. It's kind of a high-pitched noise that sounds like air being pushed through something. There's nothing in the vent that's for sure, it's only a week old!
I will contact the Toshiba service and ask for the help. My notebook is covered by warranty.