View Full Version : Sat Pro M30 - Wireless Protected Access (WPA) driver upgrade

04.02.2006, 11:33
I have a Satellite Pro M30 (model PSM35E). I want to get the onboard Intel 2100 3B PCI wireless card to work with WPA (wireless protected access). The current driver is dated 27/3/2003. I am running Win XP SP2.

Can this card support WPA and which driver should I upgrade to?

06.02.2006, 12:51

I have the same card and the same driver on my Tecra M1. Unfortunately WPA is not supported. I have tried to install Q815485 Microsoft patch but it has not help.

Sorry but I believe that there is nothing to do.


16.02.2006, 22:39
If the WPA is not supported you can not change it using any newer driver. Want to do the same with my Intel WLAN card on Satellite P20 but it doesn’t work.