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03.02.2006, 16:21
I have a Tecra 9000 and I want to upgrade the HDD, I would like to put in an 80GB drive. Does anyone know what i need to look for? What the specifications will need to be? and whether the HDD will fit into the Slim SelectBay adapter? Thanks in advance

03.02.2006, 16:34

According the specification this unit is delivered with max 30 GB HDD. Unfortunatelly there is no public document which max capacity you can use but I believe that HDD with 40 or 60 GB should work well.

More info about that you can get from service partner or even some online offeror. Google a little bit. You will find a lot of them.

The notebook HDD is 2.5’’ big and it will fit SelectBay adaptor.

03.02.2006, 16:42
Hi Joao, I have been looking around all day but I dont really know if what I am finding is the right drive. I found a Toshiba MK8025GAS. Would this fit and work correctly?

Am I meant to be looking for a certain connector type? I have a 30GB HDD at the moment that is 4200RPM and an
ATA-5 connection. Can I get a faster speed HDD like 5400RPM? or do I just want the highest ATA-5 connection drive I can get?



Mannerhagen Tom
06.02.2006, 16:03
Hi Mike

As long as the drive is 2,5" and is parallell ATA (in contrast to serial ATA) and is maximum 9,5mm it will physically fit.

Then there is another aspect which is logical compatibility. There are limits in the PC's BIOS as to how big HDD's it can handle. Very roughly you can say that depending on the age of the PC / BIOS there are certain steps, or rather jumps in the support of sizes.

This model which ships with 30GB should be able to handle at least 60Gb. It might also be able to handle bigger drives but it is not certain. It isn't even certain it will be able to handle 60GB but it is quite probable.

Sorry I have no exact answer to your question. Whatever experience you draw from the upgrade, please share it with us here.



08.02.2006, 06:34
I came across this message.
I am using Tecra 9000 with a MK8026GAX (80GB/5400RPM).

15.02.2006, 23:38
OK, I was asked to spread the word about my experiences with upgrading my HDD and so here it is.

I went on to Overclockers.co.uk and ordered a Western Digital - 80GB 5400rpm 2.5" HDD. They werent sure if it would work properly or not and told me to ask the manufacturer!!

So I had already ordered the Slim Selectbay HDD Caddy from GetPartsOnline.com because I wanted to use the spare as an extra 30GB drive when I have completed the swap-over. I also then had to order a new HDD bracket because I wanted to have both HDDs in at the same time because I didnt want to boot from a CD. When everything came I put it all together and inserted the slim selectbay HDD in and it worked brilliantly. I then partioned the drive and formated it in Computer Management and when it had all finished I had a nice new 80GB Drive.

I am now going to create an image of the original drive on to the new one so that the 80GB one will be my main drive, as it is faster and quieter. I may even order another one to use in the Selectbay and sell the 30GB off.

Thanks for everyones help


16.02.2006, 15:15
Hi Mike

Thanks for your report about new HDD. It is very important info that 80 GB HDD works well on Tecra 9000. My Tecra M1 has only 40 GB HDD and after your info about successfully upgrade I believe that I will upgrade my HDD too.

Thanks for info and have a nice day!

04.05.2006, 23:59
Hi my name is chris. I came across your comment about running a mk8026gax on your Tecra 9000.
I too have one and am trying to install a mk6026gax which I won on ebay, but my bios cannot detect it. I am running bios ver 1.5.

Any suggestions ?

thank you

05.05.2006, 10:28

@ millington12
The Toshiba HDD mk6026gax has 80GB.
I have found a info that this notebook Tecra 9000 supports only 10GB; 20GB; 30GB and 40GB HDDs.
In this case I don’t think that the BIOS will recognize the bigger HDD like 80GB.

07.05.2006, 01:07
As I mentionned earlier, I am using a MK8026GAX (80GB, 5400RPM) in my Tecra 9000 (BIOS 1.5). I have also used a MK6026GAX (60GB, 5400RPM)in Tecra 9000. I think basically any hard disk will fit and work as long as it is 2.5" ATA and 9.5mm thickness. I have changed hard disks several times in Portege 3490 (40GB, then to 60GB) and in Tecra 9100 (up to 60GB, but I am sure that it will take 80GB or more.) as well. So, I am almost sure that Tecra 9000/9100 will take bigger hard disks like 100GB or 120GB, but I have not had a chance to try.
So, as a conclusion, I would think the hard disk you bought from eBay may be defective.