View Full Version : T8200: Need a orginal Recovery CD

03.02.2006, 04:58
Dear Sir,

My notebook is showing ''Blue Screen'' when I use Google Earth.
How can I get the original CD instalation for this machine?
I want to change Windows 2000 for Windows XP, is there any recommendations?

T8200 PT820E-01EQT-EN

What are the TBIOS Drives files that I must use among different 3 files described in this address:


Manoel Luis Freire Belem

03.02.2006, 10:24

As far as I know this unit was delivered only with W2k, WinNT, 98 and Win95.
The Toshiba Recovery CD with WinXP was not designed.
Well, in this case itís not possible to order one.
But I have found drivers for Win XP on the Toshiba website. In this case you install a original Microsoft Windows from the original cd and then install all available Toshiba drivers from the website.
Please note that the right installation order is needed.

07.02.2006, 18:15

Unfortunately I donít believe that you will able to buy the original Recovery CD for this unit because like Gipsyman said this unit was not delivered with Win XP.
Try to install the Win XP manually from the original Microsoft Windows XP and than install all Toshiba drivers in the right order. Itís necessary that you will install firstly the chipset driver, common modules, graphic driver and than all another Toshiba stuff.