View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 with a very very dark screen!

02.02.2006, 16:00
Help me!

I brought a Sat Pro L20 last week and it worked very well. Now when I turn the screen on it is very very dark. I can just about make out the Windows logo when it loads but I can't seem to make it bright again. When I plug it to an external monitor it doesn't have this affect on the external monitor - some help please!

Mannerhagen Tom
02.02.2006, 16:36
Hi Simon

This sounds really like a hardware problem.
There are 3 probable causes:

1) The FL tube inside the screen is damaged. Means service!
2) The FL-Inverter that provides the FL-tube with power is damaged. Means service!

3) The switch that tells the computer that the screen is closed is somehow mistakingly telling the computer that the screen is down even if it is not. Check if you can find this switch. On some models it is a small pin or such. On other machines the switch is hidden. If you can find the switch, try pressing it or checking if it has stuck somehow. If you can't find the switch then that means service!

Good luck,


07.02.2006, 18:11

I agree with Tom, I would also suggest that there is something wrong with the Fl-inverter or with the FL tube. Well, the only way to solve is problem is to replace the broken parts. In this case you have to contact the Toshiba service in your country.