View Full Version : How to configure WLAN with a WEP encryption?

30.01.2006, 19:28
I have a Equium A50 and i am tring to get onto a network with a WEP code. I have tryed to logon to the network by using the configfree software as it states but it still comes up with a fault on the config checker. i have tryed the computer on 4 differnet networks to check the hardware and it works on all of them so. I am stuck any ideas.

31.01.2006, 08:23

i have the same problem.
If i start the config checker it only finds 2 networks in the neighborhood but not my WEP code with WEP key.

Plese help.

31.01.2006, 10:26

I don’t know if you have set it but the many routers support a option ‘Hidden wireless LAN’.
In this case the WLan is not visible. You should check your router settings.
Furthermore if you want to use a WEP encryption so you should go to the Wlan properties.
There you will find a tab called ‘Wireless Network’. There you should find a Wireless networks (if they are not hidden) Select you network and clik on ‘properties’. There you should find a option to put the encryption password.

31.01.2006, 15:48
The thing that has stumped me is that the router is a Wanadoo wireless one. and the other computers all find it and work fine it just seems to be this laptop

01.02.2006, 10:28

As far as I know this unit has a wirelesses card with WiFi standard 802.11 “G”.
The 802.11g is only compatible with 802.11b. If the other networks are set to 802.11a so it is not possible to see or to connect to the wireless network.