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30.01.2006, 14:45
We've got around 40 L10s for use by students at our school, all connected to the network using wifi. We have had a recurring problem with students and staff keep pressing the button on the front of the laptop, turning off the wireless card in the laptop, which is causing logon problems.

Is there a way to either:
1) Disable the button on the front of the laptop, so that students/staff cannot turn the wireless card off?


2) Have the wireless card switched on by default every time the laptop is switched on??

I know the obvious solution to this is to teach the students/teachers the meaning of the button, and how to tell if the wireless card is on or off, but we've tried and it's just not working!!!

Mannerhagen Tom
30.01.2006, 16:08
Hi Andy

sorry to say, as far as I know there is no way.
The idea behind the switch is to have a really physical on/off function. And that is for security reasons.

Would it not be possible to have a text that the user is forced to read before logging on? I have it on my machine - some stuff about rights and so on. This is forced upon my profile from my company. It could be possible to have a text there saying something about the switch maybe?



02.02.2006, 12:41

Like Tom said, there is no way to disable/remove the physical wireless switch on the front of the notebook because of the wireless network security reason. This switch enable/disable the wireless antenna and this is important for properly signal receiving.

But you donít need any switches if you use a USB wireless stick. Iím not 100% if it will work but in my opinion it is not possible to disable a additional wireless stick with any switches. Of course you can unplugged it but not switch off