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30.01.2006, 13:57
Hi I have a couple of SP6000's and one has a DVD/CDRW fitted (model number UJDA720) which cannot read tracks, just hunts all the time a disc is in the drive. I have replaced this drive with 2 so called identical units but I get the message on the screen at boot up, #1 IDE ERROR. The laptop will then carry on and finish booting but the system cannot see this drive. I have tried both a UJDA720 and the slightly newer updated version, UJDA740 with the same results in both laptops.

Replaceing the old drive into either laptop will result in no error message at boot up and the system can see the drive in control panel but cannot read tracks although it will hunt looking for them.

Any ideas as to the cause and cure for this?

30.01.2006, 14:18

It seems that you have replaced not compatible drive.
As far as I know most drives use a Ďcable selectedí configuration. Your drive has either the master or slave settings.
Please check the label for further informations which is placed on the drive
Well, to solve this massage you need a supported and compatible drive.

30.01.2006, 14:56
Thanks for your thoughts, I'm aware of this on desktops but as far as I'm aware, on laptops this is not the case as the CD / DVD drive is always going to be the slave device as laptops by their very nature offer extremely limited expansion possibilities.

30.01.2006, 15:08

Itís right. The notebook offers extremely limited expansion possibilities but Iím not agree with you about the master/slave setting. The drives are not mostly set to slave. In my opinion it is cable selected. But nevertheless, the point is that your drive has a wrong setting and itís not possible to change the settings like on the desktop pc.

30.01.2006, 15:39
I have opened up the drive and there are no jumpers etc within it to swop the master / slave setting over. So if you're correct then it must be cable selected but I cannot think of an application / machine that would require a laptop slim line drive to be set as a master. It makes no sense to me to produce a drive that was set up as a master by default. In a desktop yes as you always have at least 2 IDE controllers offering 4 channels but laptops only offer 2 channels from a single IDE controller, and you can add extra controllers.

You may right, but in all my years in this field, I have yet find a laptop with a CD / DVD as a master. What makes you so sure about this, have you come across it before?

30.01.2006, 16:03
Hi again

I have read some topics here in the forum about similar issues.
The cable selected doesnít mean that itís set to master. The controller should recognize the configuration dynamically. But I think you should ask the ASP if you want bye a compatible drive. He has detailed informations and a part list with compatible devices for your unit

Good luck


31.01.2006, 12:27
Hi Graham,

I checked the configuration of the hardware in my SA30 using Nero and it reports the following :-

HDD IDE #0 Master
DVD IDE #1 Master

It would seem that my DVD is set up as Master (without jumpers of any kind).


31.01.2006, 22:12

IDE #1 error occurs if the new drive is not compatible with the unit. It is mostly because of different pin assignment.


17.02.2006, 12:17
try install new drive, turn on the laptop and wait for system stars, then suspend you machine and wake up. the os should recognize new drive. this is moment when i'am stuck. the os see my new drive, but bios not. i readed about the software that can change master/slave mode in drive, but i can't find it.

good luck,

Have a new drive, works great