View Full Version : Satellite M30: I can not lock in my wirelesss network

30.01.2006, 09:50
Hello folks,
I have a Satellite M30 and since yesterday I can not lock in my wirelesss network. Every now and then I can see the network, but I can not make a connection. Additional the sound and mousepad is stuttering when the wireless is turned on, both is fine when wireless is switched of.
I recovered the system, but the problem is still there.

Any help for me out there?


30.01.2006, 12:14

Did you secure the Wireless network?
If yes it’s possible that you type a wrong security password.
Believe me it’s not easy to say what is going wrong.
Sometimes the wireless driver update helps to solve some issue.
Please check the Toshiba or Intel page for the wireless driver update.

30.01.2006, 17:04
Hi Stephan

It is always interesting when someone write “since yesterday”. Believe me who knows what did you done and now there is some negative influence on to WLAN. In this case I am pretty sure that there is some mistake caused by you. Check WLAN settings on the unit and on your router too.

I really don’t know what is wrong with sound and mouse. Does this issue occur if the unit is connected on to AC adapter or just under battery power supply?