View Full Version : Tecra8000: webcam shows black screen on W98

29.01.2006, 23:57
I have installed W98SE and a webcam. The webcam shows a black screen on the pc. The drivers of the webcam have been installed and the webcam is able to operate with W98.

30.01.2006, 11:39

Why donít you post which webcam you have?
Believe itís not easy to say why your webcam doesnít work properly. Iím sure that this product has a own installation instruction and/or manual.
For the first time please check these instructions!

30.01.2006, 18:42

Believe me on this way it is not easy to say what the problem can be. Maybe a little bit more information about webcam can help. I hope that the right driver is installed.

Basically the usage of different external devices is not supported and you will be very lucky if someone have precise advice. Did you check support page from webcam producer? Maybe there you can find any useful tip.