View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 - 3mm Thick vertical line on display

29.01.2006, 23:17
I have a 3mm Thick vertical line on the display it seems to come up in different colours, but usually settles to grey.

Has the display been damaged - or is this some kind of driver problem.

30.01.2006, 11:36

It sounds like a hardware malfunction. Maybe a FL inverter. But Iím not 100% sure.
What you can do? Well, if itís really a hardware fault so the only way is to contact the Toshiba service. But it could be also a strange software issue. In this case the best way is to recover the OS and/or update the graphic driver. You can also check your BIOS version. If there is a newer version available so try to upgrade the BIOS version.
But if the hardware is broken so contact the ASP

30.01.2006, 18:34
Hello Luke

I really donít believe that new driver is the right solution. In my option it is display malfunction and just display exchange can be done. It is really not known to me why this happen. Contact service partner in your country and explain them the situation.

Good luck