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28.01.2006, 13:33
I've had my Pro 3 years. Its only got 7% memory left and is v v slow. To be fair its loaded with photos and music. I've defraged it and checked for spyware. Tiny bit better but still slow. Next step is to purchase a 256 MB memory expansion. Will this help? Is there anything else I can do? I've heard that re-installing XP may help, but I'm not confident about doing that without losing everything on my harddrive b/c I'm not IT expert. Any comments v welcome.....

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28.01.2006, 15:29

Of course the memory upgrade will increase the performance of your notebook.
Well, if your notebook OS runs since 3 years without new installation so it would be a really nice idea to recover the unit. The fact is that after new fresh OS installation the notebook runs quickly.
If you decided to recover your unit I would recommend to make a back up of your important stuff. In this case you can use a Ghost software.

About the memory upgrade:
As far as I know it’s possible to upgrade the memory to max 1024 MB and these memory modules are supported:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)

30.01.2006, 22:21
The best solution is to reinstall operating system. On this way the unit will be “clean preinstalled” and all useless stuff will not be there. If you want to do this back up all your data or move them on to second partition if you have one.

The memory expansion is always good solution to increase the notebook performance. I recommend you to check this topic http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=8145&messageID=28698#28698
It can result with faster boot-up and also with less active applications that slow down the CPU speed.