View Full Version : M50-192: can not access CD-R media

27.01.2006, 01:23
Can anyone help? I have just bought the above laptop and when I put a CD-R in my home computer, drag and drop some files onto the CD-R they are perfect, I click on the D: drive on my home computer and the files that I dragged and dropped are all there. When I put the CD-R into my laptop and click on the D: drive in my computer it says there is no access, and the CD-R reads blank. Am I doing something wrong ? Please help before I go nuts !

Thanks, Teejay

27.01.2006, 16:23

Iím not sure if this a same issue but in the past I have also tried to copy flies on the disk with drag and drop. But the drag and drop procedure has copied only the link to the files. Iím not why but I was not able to read these files on other computer. Well I decided to use the Nero burning software and since this procedure I use only the Nero.
I recommend to check this software. Believe me itís very nice with many options and easy to use.

27.01.2006, 19:24
Thanks for your help I will try that.