View Full Version : Tecra 8000: Does Bios Update enable booting from USB?

26.01.2006, 20:27

I have Toshiba Tecra 8000 (PentiumII 266MHZ)
Will this bios bios-t8000-930-trad.zip (08/26/02) enable boot from USB ?

26.01.2006, 21:43

As far as I know you need a supported drive to boot from the USB external drive.
The Bios update will not enable any booting options.
If you want you can ask the ASP for supported drives.
I have found on this site a one:

Itís a Toshiba CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo drive wit a PC Card interface.

26.01.2006, 22:23
I have bios (Acpi BIOS version 0.20)
Is this bios find new HDD 40GB ?

27.01.2006, 14:32

Iím not sure about that. Your BIOS version is 020 but on the Toshiba website I have found a BIOS version 9.30. Well, it seems that this version is newer but Iím not sure if it allows you to use the 40GB HDD.
Some Tecra 8000 models were delivered with a 14 GB HDD. In my opinion it should be possible to use a 20 or maybe a 30 GB HDD but itís difficult to say if the bigger HDD size will work.
You can ask the professional HDD dealer or a ASP for further informations.