View Full Version : Equium A80 - Black and white when plugging into PAL TV

26.01.2006, 13:23
I know this seems to be a common problem but I have searched this forum and it seems the soloution is to select PAL or a screen refresh rate of 50Hz.
My Equium a80 has no option for PAL and the only screen refresh rate is 60Hz.

Can anyone help?? Please!

26.01.2006, 17:18

I assume you have connected the notebook with TV and now the pictures on TV are black and white. In my opinion itís not a hardware fault and also not a issue of 60 Hz display settings.
How did you connect the notebook with TV?
Some of TV units have option for S-VHS activation. If your TV doesnít support that you can use a Cinch-cable to connect the notebook on the TV.

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27.01.2006, 12:24

I am using s modified s video to scart cable as described at http://camp0s.altervista.org/sVideo/sVideo.htm .
The reason I think the problem is to do with the refresh rate because when the computer is displayed on the tv it has the same quality as an NTSC DVD does i.e. a strange grainy black and white

Maybe I need a new TV...


01.02.2006, 14:43
Hi, your TV must support S-Video chroma/luma signals if not then you will only get a black and white picture even if you use a Scart lead. If that's the case you need an S-Video to Composite adapter the only downside of this is slightly reduced picture quality. Maplin sell them for £5 and I believe Radio Shack have something similar too.


Richard S.