View Full Version : Sat Pro A40: LED Error Codes

25.01.2006, 18:43
I have a Sat Pro A40 that worked ok for a while then started locking up. Now at power on the power LED flashes a code but I cannot find the code anywhere.
Code is "short long short short short short short long"
Any one got an idea whet this code is ?


25.01.2006, 22:32

Unfortunately I have not found any public documents about the led error codes.
Only the ASP has documents about the error codes and he should know what it means.
As far as I know short means 0 and long is 1.
In this case the code means 0100 0001
I would recommend to contact the ASP for the detailed description.

21.02.2006, 12:46
Hi Steve

Unfortunately just ASP can read this code and the only solution is to contact them and let them check the unit.

ASP in your country you can find under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_gaspLocator.jsp?pf=true