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20.01.2019, 15:03
Three months working correctly, from the first day I bought it. Last week I changed my internet provider, and that's where my nightmare began. All my devices, PC, tablet, smartphones... correctly connected to the new router. Including a very old LG smart TV. But my toshiba tv seems to have gone crazy. Most of the time it does not even connect to wifi. See the network I enter the password and nothing. It does not connect. I only get it when I leave the network completely open, without a password. But then something more strange happens. The televsion sees the wifi network, it connects (the display shows "connected." But when you try to open the browser, YouTube, Netflix, ... says that "there is no access to the Internet".

- I have done new installation on the Smart TV. several times.
- I have reset the router, several times.
- I changed the router through the router of the old provider.
- I tried it with a third different router model

I have tried everything my knowledge covers.

But nothing, whatever I do, ALL my devices (including another LG smart TV) connect properly except my Toshiba Smart TV.

Jacob Murphy
21.01.2019, 19:19
What ISP are you using and who were you using? I would suggest contacting our team on 902 05 04 07 / 914 872 814 to discuss further.