View Full Version : Upgrade of software on 32L3863DBA Software Application how do they differ?

17.01.2019, 11:47
Yesterday I upgraded the software on my TV, over the internet, from version 1.16.x.x to
I had to attempt this three times before I got beyond it hanging offering only EXIT as a way forward.
As I exited after the installation it offered the option to update via broadcast where it again hung until I exited.

1. Are later software versions available on either broadcast or internet download or are the new versions available concurrently via both mechanisms?
2. In System, I note there is also an Application version shown as v. how does this differ from the software version

22.01.2019, 16:18
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Jacob Murphy
23.01.2019, 19:22
The software is available via either internet or aerial broadcast and the application version is just a encompassing term whereas the software version is the type of software.