View Full Version : Atheros Driver to W2K in Satellite M30X - Please help-me

20.01.2006, 20:04

Due IT policies in my company i can't use the Windows XP.
I have to my work a Satellite M30X with a wifi mini PCI board, the model is Atheros MB51, and the code is AR5BM5 (i think so thats a part number).
My actual OS is W2k.

My problem is, I don't find the driver to this Wi Fi model for Windows 2000.
I just find the drivers to WXP.
Any people know, how i can get this driver?
Have any generic driver for this wireless board?
I have the same problem with my Infrared in this notebook.

Please, give-me any information to solve these problemns.

thanks in advance,

Sávio Barreto

23.01.2006, 11:05

Unfortunately this unit is not supported for W2K. Please check this page http://www.idicalif.com/LasVegasTechnical2.htm . Under Toshiba drivers you will find “Atheros 802.11a/b/g WiFi driver with Cisco/WPA support for Windows XP/2000”. I don’t know if this will works but you can try it.

Good lukck!