View Full Version : No WiFi options

Hel n Gaz
06.01.2019, 19:35
For some strange reason we have lost internet connection. Tried to re-connect to find that we no longer have wireless options anymore. Wired or Disabled only.

why could this be?

And why doesn’t the home button always work on the remote?

Many thanks


Jacob Murphy
07.01.2019, 19:54
Potentially the wifi card is faulty. What model is your TV?

Hel n Gaz
08.01.2019, 19:57
Sorry - that would help!
It’s a new one.... 65U6863DB

Jacob Murphy
09.01.2019, 19:34
OK - Have you tried a first time installation on the TV?

Hel n Gaz
09.01.2019, 22:26
Hi. Yep I’ve done that and again even on a first installation setup it did not give the option of wireless.
The only options were wired or Disable.


Jacob Murphy
10.01.2019, 19:17
Sounds like a issue potentially with the wifi card. I'd advise speaking to the team on 0333 733 4422 and seeing what they can advise.