View Full Version : 32D3753DB using HDMI and Smartphone

05.01.2019, 06:22
Why is it when I connect up a micro USB to HDMI cable I cannot see anything on the TV (such as a Google play video on my smartphone)? I assume it has something to do with permissions or compatibility, but can anyone verify? Thanks.

Jacob Murphy
08.01.2019, 19:39
Hi, unfortunately the TV does not have the capabilities to do this.

09.01.2019, 00:01
Thanks, so why does the set have 3 HDMI sockets? How would one use them?

Jacob Murphy
09.01.2019, 19:44
Hi, It would be for multiple devices that connect via HDMI so example a Sky box, Xbox and DVD player could all be connected.

28.01.2019, 17:54
Thanks Jacob, I don't need to connect a Sky box, Xbox or DVD player, but might do at some point in the future. I was hoping that the TV would have more compatibility for a bigger range of devices through the HDMI slots.

Jacob Murphy
29.01.2019, 19:23
These three were examples. It would also support HDMI ARC to attach a sound bar to, DVD players, PC desktop. Most things that you use a HDMI cable from. You can use the screen mirroring function in the TV to cast the phone screen to the TV. It is in the wireless display option.