View Full Version : Equium M50 cannot connect to Wifi b

19.01.2006, 16:32
Hi, my M50 cannot connect to my b wifi router, it can connect to my friends g network. The router has been tested with other laptop & works fine. Also cannot seem to update Wifi driver from support page.

20.01.2006, 12:50

Did you see any yellow exclamations marks in the device manager in the wireless lan card section?
Did you enable the Wireless card with the switch at the notebook side and with the key combination FN+F8?
Please check these options.


24.01.2006, 12:42

In my opinion there is no necessary to make any updates. Equium M 50 is the newest unit and all drivers are up to date. Please be sure that your WiFi card is enabled. You can check this if you start ConfigFree tool. Under Connectivity Doctor tab you will see at the bottom left side small switch.

When you switch to ON small switch there must also be ON and you will see the information about WLAN status. I donít know how you want to configure the WLAN network but if you use Windows WLAN properties you can find the available networks there. If you see your WLAN the card functionality is ok. Why you are not able to connect it properly you must find out yourself and check the router settings.

Good luck!