View Full Version : netflix freezing on new Toshiba 43U5863DB

02.01.2019, 12:57
when i try use netflix it just loads to 20% and freezes. then proceeds to freeze the tv. it worked fine for a week after i got it but hasnt worked in about two now. Ive tried first time installation a few times and tv software says its up to date....

Jacob Murphy
02.01.2019, 19:57
Hi, if you contact the support team on 0333 733 4422 they should be able to get a update sent out to resolve this.

02.01.2019, 21:27
i plugged out the tv for about an hour and its back working normal

Jacob Murphy
03.01.2019, 19:11
Thats great to hear :)

07.01.2019, 19:45
Having the same issue here, only got the TV yesterday and it's already annoying me. Running the initial installation again got Netflix to run a single episode of Planet Earth 2 in 4K and trying to load the next episode brought the 20% freezing issue back and crashed the TV when I tried to exit the app. I don't plan to fully reset my TV between every episode. That's just ludicrous.

I know it's not an issue with my WiFi or the Netflix servers as my PS4 plays it flawlessly.

The ring light flashes red a few times when I switch the TV on but it claims I'm on the latest firmware so if it's updating I have no idea what to or why.

I also have an issue with the backlight occasionally switching off. Creating custom settings with the backlight set to 50% seems to have resolved the issue thus far but it remains a concern.

Suggestions welcomed because right now this thing is at serious risk of being returned in disgust.

Jacob Murphy
10.01.2019, 19:28
I'd advise speaking to the team on 0333 733 4422 and they can look into resolving it for you :)

18.01.2019, 23:35
I have exactly the same issue and its super annoying!

I have plugged amazon fire stick and the netflix works perfectly, it means its not wifi issue.

If I new that this tv is very poor quality I would stay with my old one and keep using amazon fire stick.

Toshiba, you shouldnt be glad to hear all the working around, its not a solution.

Jacob Murphy
22.01.2019, 10:27
I would advise getting in contact with the helpline above as they may be able to provide some further support to resolve the problems you are having.

26.01.2019, 10:45
We have a toshiba 43v6863db, bought last September. Initially would not display Dolby Vision correctly - just green lines at top of black screen on Netflix. Then updated a few weeks later and has been fine with it since. Used last night for first time in 2-3 days and back to the same issue - any ideas?? looking at the system under update it doesn't say when it was updated but states update version is from 5th October. Any ideas?

Jacob Murphy
28.01.2019, 19:29
Hi BallerDoc, I'd advise speaking to the team mentioned above and they can look at sending out a update however I would advise a first time installation.

02.02.2019, 12:41
My tv is doing the same loading to 20% then freezing the t.v wonít allow to reset as canít press any buttons when it does this only thing working turning tv off for half hour and back on but done this now twice in space of few hours , no good

Jacob Murphy
15.02.2019, 19:16
Hi Lakey, I would suggest to contact the support team on 0333 733 4422.