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  1. Satellite Pro 4270 and network problems
  2. Qosmio G10 connecttion to a domain
  3. Connection Problems
  4. How to load ftp server ?
  5. How to use remote your notebook with ftp ?
  6. Access is Denied in my network
  7. Internet explorer not working properly
  8. Internet disconnection
  9. Network ID Greyed Out Cannot Join F10 to Domain
  10. Qosmio and speedtouch wireless modem from Alcatel
  11. Satellite Pro M10 - Network trouble
  12. how to update/configurate the IP direction/addres
  13. Windows MCE and connection to Server shared directory
  14. SP L20 hanging whilst user closing network connections on LAN
  15. Access property of LAN
  16. Device Manager - Network Controller is not installed
  17. Images on websites are not clearly displayed
  18. IE Browser jumps back to another page
  19. How to disable the annoying "auto complete" window in IE?
  20. cannot access secure connections on internet
  21. How can I get LAN MAC number? (Physical Address of Ethernet Card)
  22. Satellite M30: No connection to home network
  23. LAN adapter failed the media test
  24. I can't install the Flash plugin for Firefox
  25. Satellite A80-116 is online but IE cannot display the webpages
  26. LAN connectivity on Satellite L20-205 sometimes works and sometimes not
  27. Equium M70 LAN adapter - It tells me to check the cable connections.
  28. Laptop crashes when using the internet - Satellite Pro L100
  29. Satellite Pro M70: No LAN connection after removing the cable
  30. Enabling LAN after reinstalling Windows - Satellite Pro A10
  31. Equium A110: Cannot use LAN after wake up from hibernation or standby
  32. Satellite Pro L20: broadband connection
  33. Limited connectivity with LAN cable & WLan after Win and IE7 update
  34. Internet connection problems on Satellite Pro M50
  35. Tecra A8: Error on Internet page
  36. Need Lan driver for A40-SP150
  37. ADSL modem disconnects when I connect other USB device
  38. Trying to setup a direct parallel conection between two computers on WXP
  39. Equium A100-147 LAN (ethernet) driver cannot be installed
  40. How to install LAN driverupdate for Qosmio G20?
  41. Satellite M60 bluetooth doesn't work and no internet with wireless connection
  42. Cannot get Tecra 8200 online
  43. Satellite A100-350 and internet connection run slowly
  44. Tecra A6 not connecting to internet with lan cable
  45. Satellite 1400-253: Where to find network LAN card driver
  46. Question about connection to network with Terminal Window
  47. Error opening IE
  48. LAN not working after standby
  49. Can't find the printer on my braodband network
  50. NIC hardware does not appear in device manager on Satellite Pro A40
  51. How to connect my Libretto CT50 to other WXP PC?
  52. How can I get Equium A100-338 connect to AOL
  53. Win2k LAN driver for Satellite 2410-504
  54. Windows XP Media Centre 2005 cannot connect to the Internet
  55. Satellite A100-756: browsers close attempting download of files from Internet
  56. Cannot connect to Internet, although WLAN has good connection
  57. Satellite Pro M70: How to connect to internet via second computer
  58. Satellite Pro P100 - Network Card disconnects
  59. How to connenct Vista notebook to WinXP PC to share internet?
  60. Connecting A100-306 & Desktop via Wireless Modem/Router: access is denied
  61. How to connect Equium A100 and second computer via LAN
  62. Question about broadband und Equium A100
  63. Unable to open "Help and support"
  64. Satellite P100-188 - can not use LAN driver listed on download page
  65. Satellite A110-195 lan crashes
  66. Satellite P100: Cannot connenct to 'payment sites'
  67. LAN settings responsible for arbitrarily losing connectivity with ADSL modem
  68. Satellite M30-704: Bandwidth hoggin?
  69. Satellite Pro A100: Why can't I connect Internet with the net card
  70. Can not find COM port in my Equium A60
  71. Slow Internet connectivity is at Satellite A100-233
  72. Unable to hear sound when playing Music Sampler from website
  73. Internet connection speed working very slowly (21 Kps) on Qosmio F20
  74. Internet Explorer Lock up on my Satellite Pro A120
  75. Network card stops functioning
  76. Satellite A100-906: slow internet conenction with Vista
  77. How do i wirelessly print from my notebook?
  78. Equium A100-147 Internet Connection
  79. Certain web pages cannot be accessed with Satellite Pro 4600
  80. Satellite A100-512 - Message appears - Network cable unplugged
  81. Satellite A80 : Failure to connect to internet via ethernet cable
  82. Cannot see pictures on web pages
  83. No connection with the router
  84. How do I share my internet connection?
  85. Blue crash screen when using a folder on a networked computer.
  86. Nokia PC Suite does not work on Satellite A100-234
  87. Satellite L30: Joining to the domain takes 10min
  88. Cannot connect the Equium to LAN
  89. Satellite Pro A120 has networking issues
  90. Libretto 70CT: Unable to browse the network
  91. Satellite A100: Crossover cable is not working
  92. Satellite L30-113 (PSL 33E) very slow LAN file transmision
  93. How to setup the LAN on Equium M50
  94. Cannot add links to my favorites
  95. Internet explorer on Vista Home Premium shows no images
  96. Network HDD installation does not function
  97. Satellite A100-02M: unable to open the LAN to share files and printer - LAN Unplugged
  98. I am looking for network controller driver
  99. Cannot use internet
  100. Tecra A7 cannot find LAN adapter
  101. Cannot connect to college network after installing Vista business on Satellite A215
  102. Equium A100-147: Internet Connection cuts out when idle
  103. Satellite Pro U300: Need NDIS drivers to create a ghost boot disk
  104. Satellite L40-139 - ethernet card.
  105. Realtek RTL8101 PCI Ethernet is giving error during bootup
  106. Equium L40 - internet does not work if I open more than one website
  107. Cannot use LAN connection on Satellite A100-451
  108. Satellite X200: Vista cannot to internet via LAN network cable
  109. Cannot ping local interface after latest critical update from microsoft
  110. Internet connection takes to long to initiate on Satellite L40-12K
  111. Slow ethernet connection on Satellite M200-A411
  112. VPN, send & receive e-mail not working
  113. Tecra M9 Vista installation network problems
  114. Satellite A200-14D does not respond to netsh command
  115. Problems with ADSL modem on Satellite A100 - isuser.dll could not be installed
  116. Satellite M40-136: Network card is damage
  117. Can't get internet to work on my formated Satellite A100
  118. Satellite A100-003 - PRO/100 ethernet card run only on 10mbps/sec
  119. Satellite A200-1RK: How to connect to internet
  120. Net browser on refurbished Satellite defaulting to USA sites.
  121. What does Command netsh reset do?
  122. Satellite A215-S7428 cannot connect to internet by LAN cable
  123. Equim A 200-15I: Network - Internet connectivity
  124. Can not install WXP Ethernet Controller Driver on my Satellite A100
  125. Re: Satellite A200-1DN: Web pages don't open
  126. Can not connect to the Internet with Satellite A100-234
  127. Satalite Pro A200 - Internet keeps freezing
  128. Satellite PRO P200 (PSPB7E): LAN trouble Resource Conflict - PCI Network
  129. Equium A60-181 Win XP: incorrect network connection - Taskbar icon notification
  130. How to share broadband internet connection on Satellite A200-1VG
  131. Qosmio F30-117: Unable to make FTP connections
  132. How to connect both computers together with LAN
  133. Slow internet speed due to Marvell Yukon LAN driver
  134. Equium A200-151: Cannot access some websites
  135. Network stops working in Tecra M9 with Vista OS?
  136. Internet explorer cannot display the page
  137. Equium A200-15i - internet connection loosing
  138. Unable to access my own website
  139. Internet connection on Satellite A100-784 does not work
  140. Internet timeout in Vista
  141. Re: Satellite U200-10K cannot send a single net package using Vista
  142. IE7 keeps on loading on Qosmio G30
  143. Internet lags and has slowdowns on Equium L20
  144. Satellite A-200 - The internet explorer cloeses itself all the time
  145. Qosmio G40; Lan adaptors are not working and no internet connection on AOL?
  146. Satellite A20-S103: LAN cable disconnected
  147. How to get LAn card working on my Satellite Pro A40?
  148. Satellite Pro A200 with Vista doesn't see other XP notebook in the network
  149. USB ADSL Modem fails to install on Equium P200-1ED
  150. I can not connect LAN internet - NetTrans issue
  151. Satellite A210-19Z: can't get internet to work with Windows XP installed
  152. Satellite L40: Windows Vista cannot connect to the network
  153. Can't send more than 1 package
  154. AOL support say I need to change IP address to connect
  155. Equium L40-17M - Cannot watch Internet movies in full screen mode
  156. Equium L20-197 - Wireless Internet Problems
  157. Unable to access hotmail - "Request Error" (invalid_request)
  158. What is a Ethernet adaptors on very old Toshiba laptop
  159. Wireless LAN does not work after restart
  160. Cannot install LAN driver on Satellite M100-221
  161. Networking failure with Vista wired and wireless
  162. Internet Explorer gives error messages
  163. Portege R500 - Constant network interruptions
  164. Some Internet hypertext links or pop-ups not reacting
  165. Satellite M105-S3004 ethernet problem
  166. Unable to connect to any network
  167. Internet gets disconnected every 10 - 15 minutes
  168. Internet "disconnected" on a regular basis
  169. No internet connection - IE shows blank page - Satellite A300-15A
  170. Satellite Pro A110 crashes while transferring large data through LAN
  171. Sattelite A100 - LAN card problem PPPOE
  172. Cannot ping localhost - error code 2 on Satellite Pro A200
  173. Can't share internet from MacBook (MacOS 10.5) with Toshiba A200 (Vista)
  174. Re: Updating Marvell Yukon ethernet driver on an Equium A300D
  175. Satellite Pro P200: network connectivity is not stable
  176. Satellite U300 - Internet Explorer 7 shuts down when closing a tab
  177. Satellite A20-S103: No internet - no media connected when typing ipconfig
  178. Problem accessing email - Satellite A200-27R
  179. Tecra M5: Cannot access internet pages, but can ping in cmd.exe
  180. Internet pages are white, font and text is way too big to read
  181. My Satellite notebook is slow while using Internet
  182. Satellite Pro L300-12H not getting IP from DHCP router via cable
  183. Cannot acces internet on my Toshiba laptop
  184. Satellite P200 - some web pages not displayed correctly
  185. Cannot create the internet website in 1024x768 on Tecra A9
  186. Satellite A110-195 - LAN problem (realtek RTL8139) -"Limited or no connectivity"
  187. Re: L300D-10U - Can't connect to Internet
  188. Need WXP LAN/WLAN Drivers for my Satellite U400
  189. Toshiba ConfigFree is screwing with my internet
  190. Satellite A105-4114 will not recognize LAN connection
  191. Satellite A100-570 slow downs the broad band connection
  192. I can connect to local network but not to internet
  193. Satellite A210-11K: Vista blocks the usage of IE and internet
  194. error E 0222 - Could not find a PC-Card slot
  195. Tecra M3 stopped connecting to the internet w/cable
  196. Satellite A300-146 - any internet connection freezes
  197. How to get online with this Satellite 4090XCDT with Win 98
  198. No LAN driver detected on Satellite Pro U400 and Tecra A10 Win Server 2008
  199. Satellite A300 - Super Slow Internet Connection.
  200. No Gigabit LAN speed on Satellite A300-1EI in Win XP
  201. Cannot access internet sites - Satellite A30-92
  202. Have no constantly LAN connectivity on my Satellite A300D
  203. Satellite Pro A100 - unable to connect to the internet
  204. Satellite A300-1IH: Internet Explorer opens advertising by itself
  205. Why does my computer crash on facebook?
  206. Where can I find DOS drivers for my Toshiba Satellite U400 ?
  207. Satellite L300-1A6 - cannot connect to internet
  208. Unresonable Internet Disconnections on Satellite L300
  209. Websites doesn't load on my new Satellite P300
  210. Satellite L40 can't connect to the internet - can't assign IP address
  211. Satellite L40-16D - I can't connect to internet after downgrade to XP
  212. Satellite Pro P300-1AY: Vista doesn't show XP computers in network group
  213. Satellite A210, XP downgrade, and Ethernet failure
  214. Can't download Adobe Flash Player 10
  215. Probleme with the website reload on IE7
  216. Satellite A300D-14P - Can't install network printer
  217. Satelitte P200-1BA - Internet browser activity stops
  218. LAN turn off after few time while Satellite L300D-10B is working
  219. How do I connect the new notebook to the router?
  220. Internet freezes and crashes
  221. Problems with online gaming on Satellite A300
  222. Joining a Windows Network with installed Samba Server
  223. Toshiba WBG-1200A Wireless Broadband Gateway
  224. Satellite L300D-10U - Cannot connect to internet using LAN and Win XP
  225. Satellite L30-115 - TCP and FTP packets dropped
  226. Satellite A - LAN card stopped working
  227. Equium L40- Internet only in safe mode - don't have recovery CD/DVD
  228. Portege 4000: Cannot connect to internet
  229. Satellite A200 -24 - Need assistance with ad-hoc connection
  230. Re: Equim P300-16T - disconnects from the internet
  231. Satellite L30 (PSL33E) - Need LAN driver for XP
  232. Button to see passwords stored in Firefox browser?
  233. No connection to LAN, Can't connect - Satellite M35-S163
  234. Equium M50-244 not responding to WakeUp ON LAN
  235. Satellite P305D-S8900 - LAN cable is a unidentifed connection
  236. Satellite P205D-S7802 - LAN and WLan stopped working
  237. Satellite P100-324 - Network card lose connection
  238. Qosmio G40 - Interntet browsers don't show any pictures, flash, music
  239. Re: Portege M750-11T - Connection is unstable
  240. What is a cheapest Toshiba notebook with PXE in the Bios with XP support
  241. Satellite A350 - Unable to access internet
  242. NB100 - Can't connect with ethernet cable
  243. Problems retrieving e-mail
  244. Satellite A200-1M4 - Can't connect to the internet
  245. Satellite L300 - How to install Ethernet Controller?
  246. Satellite P300: Internet access switch to local and back to internet
  247. Lost network connection after standby on Satellite P200
  248. Satellite A200 - After XP installation I don't have internet connection
  249. Equium L10-142 - Can't connect to Internet
  250. Satellite Pro P100 - Can't access LAN
  251. cannot log onto a particular website using Satellite L series
  252. Webpage won't load but internet is connected?
  253. Satellite Pro A120 - Need driver for network adapter
  254. Re: Satellite U400 - LAN card not shown in device manager
  255. Satellite L350-S5894 - Doesn't open explorer
  256. Equium A200-1VO - Can't get Ethernet working
  257. Satelllite A100 PSAA9 - Can't browse through the Internet
  258. Cannot connect Internet anymore with my A300D
  259. Portege M300 - Don't have internet connection with IE 8
  260. My internet speed is too low. How to increase the internet speed?
  261. Satellite A60-352 - limited or no connectivity to internet
  262. Satellite L300 - Orange Broadband Connection using USB Modem
  263. Satellite U400-138: VPN service cannot be installed on WiFi.
  264. Intermittent Wireless Connection - Satellite A200-1VO
  265. Satellite L300-11V - Internet not working after software removal
  266. Qosmio F50-125 Local area network sharing problem
  267. Tecra A8 - Can't connect to Internet via cable
  268. Satellite U300 - Network Connection Issues
  269. Satellite A500/026 No internet connection using LAN
  270. Equium A110 - How to connect to PowerMac?
  271. Re: Satellite A300-1MS - After some minutes DNS stopped working
  272. Everytime I open a webpage the Yahoo webpage opens first
  273. Satellite A100 - Can't get a Internet connection
  274. Can't connect to Internet my Satellite L300-1A6
  275. Satellite L450D: When connecting to internet get a Search Provider Default
  276. Satellite M30x - Sometimes I can't use Internet connection
  277. Satellite L500 connection ok but no internet access after Windows 7 upgrade
  278. Is my Satellite with Win 7 capable of screen sharing?
  279. Problems logging into Hotmail account on Satellite A305-S6909
  280. Satellite U400 - Slow connection on Windows 7
  281. Satellite Pro P100 - Can't connect to Internet via LAN
  282. Satellite L450D - Internet Explorer is slow
  283. Qosmio x500-00x networking issue
  284. Re: Problem with uploading files larger than 500 KB, YES KB
  285. NB200-11L - How to setup Internet connection?
  286. Satellite A200 - Can connect to network (LAN & WLAN) but not Internet
  287. Cable Connection Between Two Computers in Windows XP
  288. Re: NB200 - Automatic plug and play for Ethernet cable
  289. Can't get into the internet because of the proxy
  290. How to set VPN Connection in Windows 7 64bit?
  291. Satellite A300 - LAN card not recognized on Windows XP
  292. Internet and Wireless connections Firewalled and inaccessible
  293. E-studio 160 network printer does not work correctly in my office network
  294. Satellite L650 - Invalid IP adress when I switch connection place
  295. Satellite L450 - yellow exclamation mark in internet conenction
  296. Re: Satellite A200-12S - HTTP Internet disconnects
  297. Computer saying limited or no connectivity
  298. Satellite Pro L670-11D SUPER slow internet
  299. Satellite Pro C650 does not find our DHCP server
  300. Satellite Pro L500 - Can't install Realtek LAN driver
  301. Qosmio X500 - How to use Gigabit LAN?
  302. Satellite P500-11E - Can't connect to Internet
  303. Satellite L650-11R - not able to connect to public networks
  304. Satellite L550-13u doesnt have access to internet
  305. Satellite L350-235 continuously connecting and disconnecting from internet
  306. Computer connection problems
  307. Satellite L650 - Network not recognised
  308. Slow speed via phone as a modem on Satellite L650
  309. Satellite A660/07P - issues with my browsers connecting to internet
  310. Re: Satellite Pro A40 - No LAN connection
  311. Satellite A200-1S5 - Can't install LAN driver after Windows 7 installation
  312. Satellite A655-11T - GbE card won't get a dynamic IP
  313. Toshiba NB200 Unable to browse in internet
  314. Cannot connect to internet via router modem - Satellite A200
  315. Satellite A100 - Internet becomes slower after 10 minutes
  316. Satellite Pro L - "Connect to computer" wizard not working
  317. Satellite Pro L650 - Pb driver network after re-install Win7
  318. Can't set up wifi or ethernet connection after clean installing XP
  319. WXP on Satellite M100 - internet connection
  320. Tecra A10 answers ping with wrong source IP-Adress
  321. Re: Satellite A200-1Z3 - LAN can't detect anything
  322. Re: My laptop is really slow in opening up websites
  323. Re: Unable to connect to the internet
  324. NB500 - low performance while browsing
  325. Satellite P500 ping sometimes times out
  326. My Toshiba wont find any network connections
  327. Satellite L750 - very slow internet
  328. Satellite 2420 - Does not install Ethernet
  329. LAN upload speed is very slow on Satellite C650D-108
  330. Qosmio X505-Q892 - Some programs can't access the Internet
  331. Satellite Pro L510 - Can't connect to the Internet
  332. Satellite L355 - PNRP service will not start
  333. Satellite L350 - Issus with inbuilt Network Interface Card??
  334. Satellite C660 - No Internet connection after BIOS update
  335. Satellite P300 - No more internet with Vista
  336. Error message on important website
  337. Satellite L300D - No network connection
  338. VPN Conncetion doesn't work - Tecra A8 / WXP
  339. Satellite Pro U400: How to configure VLANs for the Marvell Yukon LAN Contr.
  340. Satellite P750 - no connection using ethernet cable
  341. Satellite C650D has lost ALL network connectivity
  342. Satellite C660D-1c6 - unable to access the internet
  343. Sat Pro C660-16X - Internet Exlporer stopped working
  344. Satellite L300 connected to WLan but no internet
  345. Satellite C650 will not connect some sites
  346. Satellite L735 won't connect to the internet (both wired and wireless)
  347. WXP on Satellite L300 - Media State...Media Disconnected - what to do?
  348. Re: No Internet on Satellite Pro C660
  349. Toshiba NB550-111 - no connection if LAN cable is longer than 2 meters
  350. Re: VPN doesn't work on my new Portege Z830
  351. Satellite C660-28V - loosing internet connection
  352. Satellite L735-10V - unable to connect to the internet through ethernet
  353. Satellite C660-258 - Internet connection problems
  354. Slow internet using Satellite M105
  355. No internet connection
  356. Satellite L750D - MAC address changing by itself
  357. [SOLVED] Satellite L875D - 106 internet keeps losing connection
  358. Satellite L755 internet connection drops but stilll connected to network
  359. Satellite L850 - Unable to connect to some websites msn/microsoft/ebay etc
  360. Satellite L300 and slow internet
  361. Re: LAN problems with Satellite L755
  362. Satellite C660D-124 cannot display webpages but connected to internet
  363. Disappointed with the Ethernet speed of new Satellite C855-1RM
  364. Internet troubles with Satellite P855-S5200
  365. Satellite Pro C665 and internet connection issues
  366. Frequently disconnecting LAN connection - Satellite A300 PSAG8E
  367. Determine LAN MAC-address knowing only the model and serial number
  368. Satellite C650-179 Win 7 - LAN speed from NAS differ extremely much
  369. Re: My Satellite C660 is connected to my router but has no internet access
  370. Problems with LAN RJ45 Ethernet link on Tecra A8-PTA83E
  371. Portege Z930-13x - Windows 8 error - Network domain issue
  372. Satellite Pro U300 - How to switch to WiFi if connected to LAN
  373. Satellite Pro C870-1E2 - internet connection issue Proxy Server Not Respond
  374. Windows 8 - HomeGroup network not possible
  375. Portege Z930-14q need long time to connect to D-link DIR-3000 via LAN
  376. Satellite C670 D-115 slow, runs okay in safe mode
  377. Satellite C850 - no connection to internet
  378. Error 0x800704b3 when trying to map a network drive
  379. Failere to access most websites
  380. Satellite C870-1J6 wired LAN DHCP problems
  381. Re: IE is very slow slow
  382. Satellite C850D-12L - slow WLAN and LAN speed
  383. No internet access on Internet Explorer after Win8.1 upgrade
  384. Satellite C50D-A-138 - cannot access Internet via IE
  385. Satellite L50A - Internet frequently stops responding until i restart pc
  386. Satellite C50D - Internet disconnects when Screen is in power saving mode
  387. Satellite C850D - LAN speed is very slow
  388. Satellite C850-19D - issues connecting to the internet
  389. Tecra R840-16V drops internet (wireless or ethernet) connection
  390. Re: Tecra R840-199 - Cant get its ethernet card to pick up IP
  391. Re: Atheros AR956x Driver For Satellite C50-A-156
  392. Need to implement Cisco 3560 Switch in my network
  393. Satellite L850 - Unidentified network trying to use LAN card
  394. Satellite Pro C870 - Internet connection fails after sleep mode
  395. Satellite L350 wont connect to internet, network adapter yellow exclamation
  396. Slow download speed after downgrading to Windows 7 64bit
  397. Tecra Z50-A-130 - LAN conenction above WLAN
  398. Re: Satellite P50-A14G - Can't connect to the internet through wired connection
  399. WoL not working on NB550D
  400. Toshiba 40L3443DG - can't go to VIEWSTER application anymore
  401. Satellite C50-B00N - Internet browsers don't load graphics properly
  402. [SOLVED] Satellite C50D-A-134 - very slow internet connection
  403. Satellite L40-B - Security Certificate Error - All Broswers
  404. Satellite Pro C55-A-1N1 - Firefox Mouse Behaviour under Windows 8.1
  405. Satellite C50D-B-11X increasingly struggling to connect to internet
  406. Satellite S50D-A-10F - Ethernet Connection Query
  407. Satellite L50D-B - Slow Internet download speeds
  408. Slow internet using Toshiba LX830-107 running Win7
  409. [SOLVED] Satellite Pro R850-1DE - LAN Port: Activated / cable removed
  410. Cannot connect my Tecra M2 to the Internet
  411. Satellite L50-B - ethernet has stopped working
  412. [SOLVED] How to lock certain web-sites?
  413. Qosmio F60 - web browser SSL cecurity Issues
  414. Satellite Pro C50-B-14Z Internet does not work!
  415. Satellite C70-B-306 - LAN connection is not working
  416. Satellite Pro missing network control driver
  417. [SOLVED] Satellite NB10t-A - Limited connectivity in Windows 10
  418. [SOLVED] Equium A200: USB modem - disconnection after few min
  419. Satellite L850 - no Internet connection
  420. I can't get my Satellite L70C-13C connected to the internet.
  421. Satellite P870-335 - Win 8.1 Internet issues - standard gateway
  422. Toshiba satellite L655
  423. Toshiba satellite L655 internet problem
  424. Satelite C55-C-1M9: issues with connecting to internet
  425. Satellite L50-A-18R - Network card
  426. Satellite P50-A (PSPMHA-09M04S) WiFi Card Replacement
  427. Satellite C55-A: lost fast Ethernet connec since win10 (last driver reload done)